Application As a Moderator

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Feb 23, 2023
1.Steam Name: xTr0e

1b. Role play name: My roleplay name is Niklas Heaven.

1c. Real name: My real name is Rene.

2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59130692.

3. How old am I: I am 17 years old.

4. What position am I applying for: I am applying for the position of moderator.

5. How long have I been actively playing on the server: Since February 23rd, 2023, I've been playing actively on the server again.

6. What is my current rank on the server?: I currently have the rank: VIP.

6b. Entire playtime: I don't remember but I was more than 5 days

7. Do I have a working microphone: I own a totally functional microphone.

8. What do I think of the server: I think Fear-Some Roleplay is really a great server, you always have a lot of fun with people The roleplay is really good, the players and the team members are very friendly and helpful There are many different jobs one can do, from criminal to helpful, everything is included Many different events I find myself The best thing in RP should never be missing.

9. Why do I want to become a team member: I would like to support Fear-Some RP in any way from support. I'm Often Active And Helpful Anytime I'm Online.

10. Why should we accept you?: -I have good knowledge of the rules. -In me you can always have confidence. -I'm A very Calm And listening person. -Kindness is always my first priority.

11. Have I already been a team member on a game server: Yes, I've been a moderator on another server and I've had a bit of experience there.

11b. Was I already a member of the server team: Not yet.

12. Problems with users: There are still no problems known to me.

13. Problems with team members: Not that I know of now.

14. Have I ever been kicked: As far as I know not yet at all.

14b. Do I have current warnings: Nope not at all

14c. Have I already been banned: So far I have not known any ban from me.

15. Personal statement: Remember to always eat vitamins :)
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